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CHappy Is Me! How To Never Live Unhappy Again - Click To Enlarge
Happy Is Me! How To Never Live Unhappy Again - Click To Enlarge
Happy Is Me! How To Never Live Unhappy Again
Renda Horne / Wailing Enterprises - (SKU#: WE-BK13-40403)

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Are you fed up with living a dull, methodical, unfulfilling life?  Do you believe your absence of education, a spouse, finances, a family or better career greatly contributes to your lack of happiness?  Are you someone who has attained most or all of those things, yet still lack true happiness?  Are you tired of making permanent decisions based on temporary circumstances, in an effort to fill the void of true happiness in your life; which only adds to your misery? 

HAPPY IS ME! HOW TO NEVER LIVE UNHAPPY AGAIN will provide you with the necessary tools to catapult you to live the life God intended for you.  It will help you navigate through the rest of your life (truly) HAPPY!  No matter what the doctor’s report says, how your bank account looks, what bills are overdue, how your kids are acting, what the economist forecast, marital issues you face, or any chaos going on around you, living a happy life (now) doesn’t have to be a fantasy – but can become your reality!  


Learn to:

·         Transition from just existing, to living HAPPY on purpose

·         Discover the keys to living your most prosperous and happiest life now

·         Start a lineage of enjoying a happy life at all times (AAT!)

·         Allow your happiness to become infectious and  impact the lives of others

·         Master any atmosphere you enter, instead of allowing it to master you!

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