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Are you searching for a relevant and exciting speaker for your next life-changing conference, seminar, workshop or engagement? Are you in need of someone who will provide insightful life-transitioning strategies? Do you desire a speaker who will present effective tools that can greatly impact and inspire your attendees to live their happiest lives now? Well search no more! 

It is no accident her name is Horne, because she is sounding the alarm and showing others how to stop dreaming of what will make them happy and live their happiest lives now! Renda is a highly-acclaimed Life Transition Specialist, teacher, #LegacyLeadingLady, conference speaker and author of Seven Years in Egypt: Recognizing Your Setbacks as Set-ups for Your Comeback and Happy Is Me! How to Never Live Unhappy Again. For Renda, Life Transition Specialist is not simply a title, but a God-given mandate. When it comes to effective life transitioning strategies, she is considered the strategic living' guru. She specializes in training strategic living techniques during one's development or evolution from one stage to another. She uncovers the trap of conforming to a life of just existing, and presents the vital tools necessary for transitioning to a H.A.P.P.Y. life worth living. 

Renda's amazing testimony and life as a wife, mother, grandmother, prophetess/minister, author/publisher, businesswoman, and nurse sets her apart. At one time, she too was weighed down by the cares of this world and her life was subject to only existing. It was when she began to recognize her setbacks as set-ups for her comeback that she overcame. Yet it's this #LegacyLeadingLady's love for helping others live care free from the bondages of this world, passion to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and experience as a Minister of 13 years that fuels her practical, interactive, and hands-on-approach to teaching.  She continues to be an advisor to countless individuals and families on how to allow setbacks to energize one's passion, strengthen one's vision, boost one's determination, and help catapult one to success in every area of life! Let Renda show you how to connect your purpose and passion with God's POWER to produce!

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Stop dreaming of what will make you happy and live your happiest life now!