Connecting purpose and passion with God's POWER to produce!


Who is blessed, beautiful, priceless, and greatly admired by God and man? Who connects her purpose and passion with God's POWER to produce success at any age? God's #LegacyLeadingLady!  A #LegacyLeadingLady is ageless! Despite her race, social status, physical appearance, marital status, financial challenges, family size, and any other setbacks that have set her up for a comeback, she continues to trust, serve and honor God with 100 percent faith activation. She embraces God's anointing, and executes His POWER to greatly influence and bless those in her presence. She boldly surpasses ordinary to experience God's extraordinary, which catapults the success of her married or single life. Her limitless wisdom and strategic decisions cause her to prosper in her family, ministry, business, health, finances and all other areas in her life.

For Renda, living and leading a successful God-centered legacy is not only her purpose; but also her passion! Inspired by the world renowned and highly successful Proverbs 31 woman, Renda founded #LegacyLeadingLadies (#L3). #LegacyLeadingLadies highlights faith-focused, humble, yet fearless women who dare not settle for simply existing, but press towards and captures the HAPPY (blessed, empowered to prosper) life God intended for them to live!

Renda is a #LegacyLeadingLady trailblazer. She is on a mission to inspire others by sharing how these unique #legacyleaders are possessing and executing God's influential anointing in order to live and lead powerful legacies in all they set out to achieve. We invite you to connect with #LegacyLeadingLadies as we unveil the strategies that can help you to successfully recognize, unlock and ignite the purpose, passion and powerful #LegacyLeadingLady God placed inside of you!

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"There are many virtuous and capable women in the world, but you surpass them all!" Proverbs 31:29 NLT

Stop dreaming of what will make you happy and live your happiest life now!