Connecting purpose and passion with God's POWER to produce!

Who Is Renda?


She is the wife of Richard Horne Jr. She affectionately refers to him as her love, life, #legacy, and parent partner. She is dedicated to assisting him as Vice President of Guiding God's Children Youth Sponsorship Program, and MC for their annual "A Tribute to the King" Youth Talent Showcase.


Renda's treasures are her children (six of which are girls), and grandchildren whom she adores immensely!


She is an author. Her highly acclaimed books Seven Years in Egypt: Recognizing Your Setbacks as Set-ups for Your Comeback, and Happy Is Me! How To Never Live Unhappy Again continue to transform lives worldwide. Click here to get your copies now

Life Transition Specialist

This Life Transition Specialist helps others connect their purpose and passion with God's POWER to any age! Her love and passion for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, advising countless wounded individuals and families, and experience as a Minister for 13 years fuels her determination.


Renda is not your ordinary lady! She is a poised, portrait of a LIVING #LegacyLeadingLady! She leads the way for her own six daughters, as well as #SingleLadies, #MarriedLadies, #YoungLadies, #OlderLadies #BusinessLadies, #Multi-culturalLadies, #WoundedLadies, #HealedLadies and all other ladies to recognize, unlock, and ignite the #LegacyLeadingLady POWER God has placed in them! 


Along with the various "hats" she wears, Renda is also a nurse. It comes as no surprise that her role and experience as a nurse (one who looks after, fosters, or advises) fits her perfectly both spiritually and naturally.

Stop dreaming of what will make you happy and live your happiest life now!